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    The Feds have been buying bonds since the pandemic to push down borrowing costs and stimulate the economy but as prices rise and worsening of Covid in the US alongside supply chain issues, they need to act more quickly than their March deadline.

    However, the ECB has stated it wants to raise interest rates in 2024 which is too far along in my opinion with the inflationary pressures the EU is facing such as manufacturing shortages affecting Germany’s GDP.

    Yeah, this is such a relevant question for me as I am not British and I am constantly learning about all kinds of British companies that I have not heard of before such as GAIL’s Bakery. I think one tip is to just focus on one industry at a time and slowly build your awareness based on that like retail. I also think just observing shops on the street while commuting to the office or school (which is what I do) and then googling about them is also helpful.

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    This QB could not have come at a better time! I loved your article!

    My concern with the Metaverse is the idea of consolidation between Facebook and its wallet + its Paxo Dollar stablecoin (I assume it’s temporary while Diem is being approved) and Facebook getting access to all kinds of data including financial data. My issue is to what extent will that lead to a second Cambridge Analytica but this is pure speculation at the moment.

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    Thank you Alina!

    I would suggest that some may be targeting retail investors because increasing number of players in the market = more $$ being transacted across the various platforms = creating a bigger pie for everyone to share a slice off.

    Besides the industries you mentioned, we are seeing the music industry embracing NFTs whether it’s selling exclusive artwork like Grimes or Kings of Leon releasing their entire album as an NFT.

    Another interesting NFT trend is that we are seeing domain names being sold on OpenSea where its blockchain domain enables censorship-resistant websites. This has attracted both investors and crypto traders (“sex.crypto” sold for 230 ETH/ around $90k). What’s even more interesting about these domains is that the websites on the domain can be “rented” out for profit (akin to real estate) and provides a chance for a passive return on investment. Definitely a space to watch and see if companies will get involved in this market.

    It’s also noteworthy that you mentioned smart contracts because there’s news that some Magic Circle and US firms are working together to jointly create standards for legal smart contracts. NFTs are many things but certainly not boring!

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    Thank you Apolloniya! I agree that the valuation itself is not problematic but rather it is the use of NFTs as collaterals to other forms of instruments that is cause for concern. I agree that NFTs is unlikely to attract more conservative investors but if NFTs follow the same trend as Bitcoin and become more common amongst younger people (while still maintaining its high value), I might see NFTs becoming the new frontier in investments.

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    Thank you Will and yes to the supply and demand argument and perhaps to the NFTs benefit if that will make regulators focus on other high-valued forms of tech-based assets.

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    Facebook’s decision to dissolve its civic integrity is similar to when Google fired its AI researchers and it is part of a trend of’ethics-washing’ we are seeing with the Big Tech industry. This is also worsened by Haugen stating that Facebook has mislead investors in its SEC filings may open up Facebook to further regulatory investigations. Facebook is going to increase its lobbying efforts and work on its PR to spin its image again.

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