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Watson’s Daily is here to help you understand and remember the key business and financial news in the world today. This is impossible to do if you just dip in and out of news occasionally. I want to show you how to get this knowledge and you can start by just taking 5 minutes per day to read Watson’s Daily! You can take out a free subscription below or you could invest a small amount in yourself (only £2.99 per month or less!) and get access to a whole load of extra content that will really boost your knowledge. Just think – that’s less than the cost of one of these 👉 ☕ per month and it could help you in your studies, business and/or career!

I have been a stockbroker, headhunter and career transition coach for over 20 years. Let me help you help yourself to better knowledge!

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If you go into the ARCHIVE section you will see a SEARCH box. You can use this to find anything I have ever written on a topic, company or industry. It makes searching super-quick and is extremely useful. I use this a lot myself when I’m writing Watson’s Daily and referring back to similar or related stories. This will save you LOADS of time on research…

Watson’s Weekly
It’s not just a wrap –it shows you how stories develop as the week goes on…

Watson’s Monthly
Longer articles that explain themes or sectors

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Summarises key information on G20 economies, predictions for 2020 – extremely useful for interview preparation

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