Wednesday 06/04/22

In BIG PICTURE NEWS, we see an "inflationary era", Russia's biz activity slump, the possibility of US recession, an agreement on hypersonic weapons, the consequences of China's ailing agriculture, difficulties facing British agriculture and the spectre of Le Pen. In ELECTRIC VEHICLE NEWS, GM and Honda team up for "affordable" EVs, Nio tries to spread the word of swappable batteries and Britons buy tons of EVs. In TECH NEWS, Amazon signs satellite deals, Twitter offers Elon a seat and the Chinese owner of Newport Wafer Fab has a bumpy ride. In INDIVIDUAL COMPANY NEWS, Uber broadens its offering and Shein gets a spectacular valuation.AND FINALLY, I thought I'd bring you an 80's song, sung by a 90's band, with noughties actors, made in the 2010's, watched by the people in the 2020's...


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