Quick Bites

Will Facebook’s rebranding stop the Meta…Curse? by Yenli Nguyen

In What’s the story?, Facebook is to announce its plans to shift from being a social media company to becoming a Metaverse company. In Why is it interesting?, CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks the Metaverse is an inevitable ‘reality,’ which means it could become YOUR reality. In So what?, The Metaverse is an immense opportunity for cultural change.

Memes and avatars: What’s the tea on NFTs?

In What’s the story?, The original image of the “Side-eying Chloe” meme was sold at auction as a “non-fungible token” (NFT) for £54,000. Bids kicked off at 5 Ether, the equivalent of £11,000 and it was bought by 3F Music.. In Why is it interesting?, While a fungible item can be swapped with another similar item for the same value, NFTs are non-interchangeable and are a form of digital ownership verified on a digital ledger known as the blockchain. In So what?, The increase of NFTs’ popularity alongside its inflated value may eventually attract regulatory crackdowns.