Friday 30/07/21

In MACRO, VAX & SCANDAL NEWS, the US has a wobble, German inflation hits new highs, Biden calls to pay vaxxers, AstraZeneca mulls its vaccine future, Nikola's Milton is charged and Didi considers going private 😱. In POST-CORONATRENDS NEWS, Airbus gets more confidence and millions come off furlough while Nestlé and Diageo benefit from people returning to offices and bars. In CAR-RELATED NEWS, VW disappoints in China (but Bentley doesn't!), BoJo encourages the purchase of UK-made electric vans and we look at the charging conundrum. In INDIVIDUAL COMPANY NEWS, Amazon disappoints, Lloyds Bank has a sunnier outlook, Raymond James buys Charles Stanley and Robinhood has an underwhelming debut. AND FINALLY, we find that spoons are what dreams are made of...


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