Friday 10/02/23

In MACRO, MARKETS & ENERGY NEWS, inflation in Germany falls to a new low, the FTSE hits another high, MSCI revises Adani Group weightings, Exxon plans cost cuts, China coal use poses a dilemma and South Africa's Eskom problem persists. In CONSUMER GOODS & EMPLOYMENT NEWS, Adidas has a Yeezy issue, Pepsi commits, Unilever jacks up prices, Watches of Switzerland loses momentum, Hermès beats NFT naughtiness and there are job losses at Deliveroo, News Corp and Yahoo. In REAL ESTATE NEWS, Chinese property brokers twiddle their fingers, UK developers report rising demand for new-builds and we look at the landscape for buyers and renters. In MISCELLANEOUS NEWS, Affirm faces challenges, Credit Suisse has a shocker, Standard Chartered is the subject of takeover rumours, Samsung goes upmarket, used EV demand rises and Tesla punishes the shorts. AND FINALLY, I bring you a Mini Egg game-changer...


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