Friday 01/07/22

In MACRO, ENERGY & CRYPTO NEWS, we look at NATO's shift, market wobbles, Sweden hiking interest rates, why inflation in the UK will be higher for longer, China's "coal-rush", Uniper wanting a state handout, Gazprom falling and whether crypto will hit TradFi. In CONSUMER/RETAIL NEWS, US shoppers cut back, UK incomes fall, water bills rise and Boots is supposed to get a boost. In AUTOMOTIVE NEWS, Tesla pressures workers, GM ramps up its electric Hummer and Aston Martin is in finance talks. In INDIVIDUAL COMPANY NEWS, Tencent and ByteDance announce lay-offs, SenseTime craters, Micron looks weaker and Hello Kitty's parent does a deal with Alibaba.AND FINALLY, I bring you a life-enhancing idea and Steve Carell trying British snacks...


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