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A very interesting news story. I think it would be pertinent to see how this model does in big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester more than any other part of the UK. There is a similar service in place by Deliveroo that was launched last year. I am not sure how well that service has done yet but from my own personal experience it isn’t very popular. While there will be many people who’d want to try on this new membership service, as pointed out by Peter in today’s daily, the economic woes during this inflationary period would curb people from trying it out on an individual level. The only reason why people would be intrigued to join it is if Uber can somehow demonstrate in their marketing campaigns that this is going to save people money in the long run. Otherwise, in a world where people are giving up Netflix’s subscription, I think it would feel more or less that this was a copy-and-paste exercise/experiment to harbour more revenue options.