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It’ll be interesting to see the extent to which Musk will actually be able to reconcile “free speech” with regards to different laws and attitudes across different countries. Free speech means different things in different countries – Not every country prioritises free speech. From my understanding, the US has an absolute free speech attitude (it’s all about your right to say what you want to say). Musk’s attitude to free speech therefore appears to be a very US-centric interpretation of what free speech is.

However, laws differ in different countries – For example, hate speech is banned is banned in the EU. This poses the question of what Musk is going to do in a country / continent (like Europe) with different attitudes towards free speech. European lawmakers have already warned Musk that there are existing and upcoming laws in how platforms handle content moderation. I think it’ll therefore be very interesting to follow the extent to which Musk is actually able to implement his free speech plan for Twitter.