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Jeremiah Amatare

I believe the Metaverse has truly arrived. Of course it will take a few more years to fully fresh out and develop. However, this will seem contrary to the view expressed by Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink in his hugely popular annual letter where he stated that the next big investment opportunities will be within the net zero space; inventors and innovators working towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. Cryptocurrency and I assume, the metaverse (which I believe are intrinsically linked) are not known for their energy efficiency and as such will seem to be heading in the opposite direction.

But as Peter stated in the podcast yesterday, we can not really deny or resist the advancement of technology. I see it as the inevitability of technological advancement and the insatiable desire for humans to consistently improve on what is existing. Thus, if it isn’t Meta collecting our data, it will be another company. As India also opined, it will become increasingly difficult to live a normal life without interacting with these platforms. I think we are past the point where we can really expect to be inoculated from these vices. Though there is always the option of retreating to the mountains and living as a hermit. LOL.