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Sarah Thind

No. Their success will be limited, as supermarkets have existing delivery networks and already operate at scale delivering multiple items in a high number of slots throughout each day. The companies which experience the most success will probably be acquired by supermarkets or consolidate to gain economies of scale. The rapid grocery delivery apps do meet a customer need that wasn’t served, but whether this will be a full consumer shift in how groceries are bought remains to be seen.

However, I think that there is the potential for short term success. Could they use the abandoned buildings on the high streets to create more spaces for make-shift warehouses, helping them reach areas in and around smaller towns, to grow their delivery networks? The combination of the warehouse roles and the delivery roles could offer more stable working opportunities than other delivery roles. The fact that workers need to be close to warehouses, may allow companies to retain employees longer. As other delivery roles may see them riding/driving from one end of a city to another. If the rapid grocery delivery apps started to offer chilled prepared food from local bars/restaurants they could compete with restaurant delivery apps, without facing the same issues of restaurant preparation/cooking times.