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Thank you Emily and Peter very much for the advice, a super useful point to remember that it is all ultimately about the client, their commercial goals, and the business that you are applying to!

I find it helpful to ask myself further questions in preparation to see if some topics work better than others, because most likely the question will have follow-ups such as “how does this affect our clients/firm” or “what do you think will happen next”, where they get you to analyse the topic beyond the information you’ve read in articles and often to link it to other news. The Watson’s Daily “So What?” section of the stories is very useful as an example of the analytical and “bigger-picture” thinking that they want you to engage in when discussing the news.
So I really recommend picking a juicy topic that you could confidently analyse and that has potential implications for the firm and their clients, including through a wider socioeconomic ripple effect.
A second recommendation is picking something original that would make you stand out (in a good way!). While many of the bigger news stories trending at a certain time are fascinating and complex, there is a high chance that many others will pick the same one and end up clashing. So, without going obscure, picking a topic unique to you and that supports your application or otherwise differentiating yourself, like through picking a new angle at a popular story and linking it to your own experience and ambitions, improves your chances of standing out. Hope this helps and eager to see what other tips everyone has!