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Xenia Baranova

Thank you both Andrew and Peter for your comprehensive answers!

Andrew, I agree that sector specific notes would be helpful, I will try this out! The new ‘notes’ feature on the browser version of Watson’s Daily will help with this, but I have to be consistent. Going forwards I will note down developments in the corresponding trends that come up within Watson’s Daily inthe notes section, and make a working Word document.The same goes for specifically targeted Google alerts like you both mentioned.

Thank you Peter for acknowledging my belt! I am still working towards the brown one, I have a habit of looking at Watson’s Daily on my phone instead of the browser, so I need to make sure I am registering all my points by accessing the browser! I agree regarding the consistency and volume. What I found particularly helped me remember stories has been exposure to the same stories via different mediums – I first read the Daily, then I listen to the podcast whilst walking my dog, then I attend the weekly subscriber call and then listen to the weekly podcast and read the weekly which help me remember the important stories.