Watson’s Daily frequently asked questions

Here at Watson’s Daily, we are often asked similar questions by our members so we thought we’d put together the following to help new and existing users with their queries.

  • Have a look at what’s included with each class of membership, select one and hit “Subscribe”! If you would like to gift a subscription to someone, please hit the “Gift subscription” option. The main difference (apart from who’s paying for the subscription!) is that notification of when Watson’s Daily is ready to read will go to whoever is nominated as the recipient in the case of a gift subscription. This just means that the gift giver won’t get notification e-mails every day.
  • There is a Watson’s Daily app available in the usual app stores. All you need to do to use the app is download it and use your existing login details to access the content that corresponds with your subscription. If you have purchased a subscription via the app store, your details will work on the website as well.
  • You will pay the same subscription until you cancel. If you then decide to re-subscribe at a later point, you will then pay whatever the prevailing price is. Any previous coupon codes, offers and access become invalid once subscriptions are cancelled.

Yes we do! Please contact us to ask about our prices for bulk subscriptions.

Please go to the account section here 👉

You can improve your knowledge in as little as 10 minutes per day – but I would strongly advise that, whatever you do, you put aside an amount of time every day to read this. Here are some quick recommendations as to what you could do:

IF YOU ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTES PER DAY – read Watson’s Daily. THINK about what you have read, but read it in its entirety. Read Watson’s Weekly on the weekend because this ties everything together and will help you to see how stories develop throughout the week. It only takes 10 minutes to read but it also contains hyperlinks for any stories you may have missed/overlooked or just forgotten about!

IF YOU HAVE 30 MINUTES PER DAY – read Watson’s Daily and then listen to the Commercial Awareness with Watson’s Daily podcast. THINK about what you have read and make notes if you need to. I personally prefer to do handwritten notes because, for some reason, I find I generally tend to remember better this way – but it’s up to you! On the weekend, make sure to read Watson’s Weekly – again, because it really pulls things together and helps you remember.

IF YOU HAVE 1 HOUR PER DAY – follow the suggestions above for 30 minutes, but if you have access, try to read some of the full articles I identify in Watson’s Daily (particularly ones from the Financial Times).

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 HOUR PER DAY – do the above, but read more full articles and perhaps supplement this with reading publications like The Economist and Barron’s.

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Why subscribe

Watson’s Daily has helped people from around the world improve their commercial awareness and could help you too! Subscribers get access to daily weekday, weekly and monthly thematic reports in addition to the annual report that looks back on the year just gone and forward to the year ahead.

Watson’s Daily has been particularly popular with students of economics and business studies, but is also very relevant to those studying law as commercial awareness is often cited as a key knowledge area law firms look for when recruiting new talent. Teachers use Watson’s Daily as a resource that enhances what students learn in the classroom by giving real world examples of the economy in action.


Watson’s Daily is useful for people with a sophisticated client base. Many professionals don’t have the time to be an expert in all areas, but Watson’s Daily gives you a framework of knowledge that will help you to understand issues facing your clients. Understanding the issues your clients are facing will help you to empathise and serve them more effectively.


Watson’s Daily can help you to understand and identify trends which can help you to focus your future strategies. It is also a useful way to keep a handle on the important business news for those who don’t have enough time to read through five broadsheets per day!


People involved in recruitment are often expected to have a broad knowledge base but don’t always have the luxury of time to be up to speed with absolutely everything! Watson’s Daily can help build up that knowledge over time that will enhance your professional relationships.


Watson’s Daily can really help with interview preparation – this was why Watson’s Daily came about in the first place! It can also help to build up your knowledge on various career paths which will help you to make the right decisions.