Hi, I’m Peter Watson!

I’m the guy who writes Watson’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly P/Review. I get up at 4am every weekday morning to write Watson’s Daily by distilling and commenting on what I think is the most important commercial and economic news of the day in time for you to read over breakfast, on your commute or whenever you have a few spare moments!

What is Watson’s Daily?

Watson’s Daily is the new name of my daily weekday blog that used to be called Watson’s WIFI. It helps readers improve their commercial and economic awareness by bringing attention to what is important and why in the daily business news and explaining it in plain English. Since it started towards the end of 2014, it has helped people around the world from all walks of life keep in touch with – and better understand – what is important in world stock markets.

My Mission

I want to use my experience to help people improve their commercial awareness and understanding about how stock markets work because I still remember the feeling of not knowing where to begin when I started my career in the City over 20 years ago! I hope that readers will use Watson’s Daily as an enjoyable way of learning more about what goes on in global stock markets and how it all relates to the real world, as a framework from which to build on their own existing knowledge and as a useful way to prepare for interviews.

My Background

I know markets and careers. I was a stockbroker for 13 years at four international brokers in London and Tokyo and advised some of the world’s largest financial institutions on investing in the UK, European and Japanese stock markets. On the recruitment side, I’ve worked in HR for a multinational and then as a consultant at four different agencies, recruiting for entry level positions right through to CEO level in finance and investment banking. Outside work, I am a kids’ rugby coach at my local club, but have in the past written and performed stand-up comedy, finished three Ironman triathlons and competed up to international level in judo, where I hold a black belt. I have also written a book about how to find the right career and how to go about getting it.

Why subscribe

Watson’s Daily has helped people from around the world improve their commercial awareness and could help you too! Subscribers get access to daily weekday, weekly and monthly thematic reports in addition to the annual report that looks back on the year just gone and forward to the year ahead.

Watson’s Daily has been particularly popular with students of economics and business studies, but is also very relevant to those studying law as commercial awareness is often cited as a key knowledge area law firms look for when recruiting new talent. Teachers use Watson’s Daily as a resource that enhances what students learn in the classroom by giving real world examples of the economy in action.


Watson’s Daily is useful for people with a sophisticated client base. Many professionals don’t have the time to be an expert in all areas, but Watson’s Daily gives you a framework of knowledge that will help you to understand issues facing your clients. Understanding the issues your clients are facing will help you to empathise and serve them more effectively.


Watson’s Daily can help you to understand and identify trends which can help you to focus your future strategies. It is also a useful way to keep a handle on the important business news for those who don’t have enough time to read through five broadsheets per day!


People involved in recruitment are often expected to have a broad knowledge base but don’t always have the luxury of time to be up to speed with absolutely everything! Watson’s Daily can help build up that knowledge over time that will enhance your professional relationships.


Watson’s Daily can really help with interview preparation – this was why Watson’s Daily came about in the first place! It can also help to build up your knowledge on various career paths which will help you to make the right decisions.