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Aidarus Nur

Personally, I am skeptical.

Clearly, the goal here is to remedy falling demand in both the automotive industry and smartphone sales. The only logical reason I see is Geely pushing their own cars with specific smartphone apps to rival CarPlay and Android Auto. Even so, it may not be the best idea to restrict users options to a car that only comes preloaded with a particular smartphone software.

The only real issue I see is, globally, there’s not much demand for an “Apple Car” when most new cars these days already work well with the two Operating Systems. Meizu’s OS FlymeOS will surely get its chance at being at the finger tips of drivers, but it all seems to be, as you suggest, a distraction of Geely’s actual issues. It may be that an arguably mediocre, mid-level market company like Meizu is probably not the best pick for diversification.

Although, this development is in response to the Chinese market, which Reuters suggest do want to see more smartphone compatibility with their cars. It’s just seems that Geely are targeting the wrong solution to the low demand, which is ultimately a drop in the global supply chain and other industry specific issues. It’s certainly a very risky move and there’s not much to support Geely coming out on top here.

It could serve Geely better to focus on improving their cars and finding new investment in EVs; to make them more efficient, less reliant on infrastructure, and cheaper to purchase.

Despite my “pessimism”, I genuinely would like to see what they can achieve.