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Xenia Baranova

Netflix has been overshadowed recently due to the rise of other streaming platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu to name a few and have been struggling to come out with new exciting content, so I agree with Ines, it is a great idea for them to get into gaming and broaden its offering now more than ever. Netflix has predicted a weak subscriber growth for the first quarter of 2022 in late January 2022, it seems late arrivals of exciting content like season 2 of Bridgerton didn’t help.

Building on Ines’ point with Netflix having an advantage over having themes for its games, I would also say it also has the audience as Stranger Things is incredibly popular on Netflix (although I confess I haven’t seen it!)

Netflix’s announcement of the acquisition of Next Games corresponds with Netflix’s statement in January 2022 that it aims to be the “absolute best” gaming service in the industry by expanding into this area further in 2022. I am very much a Netflix fan and I hope it does beat its rivals!