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Sarah Thind

I think Netflix is in for a tough time. Apple TV, Disney+ and Amazon Prime have a significant data advantage over Netflix, able to use data insights to choose content viewers will prefer. Netflix will lose the rights to certain TV shows which have drawn subscribers to its platform such as Modern Family, Homeland and Prison Break. Additionally, part of the reason for reduced subscriber growth was explained by the delay of the new season of Bridgerton, showing how Netflix relies upon upon big hits and new content. Whereas, Disney+ can draw upon extensive back catalogues of family favourites, STAR WARS and MARVEL. The main battle will be between Amazon Prime and Disney+, with Prime moving ahead due to the other bundled services Prime membership provides to customers.

Netflix has been very slow in recognising the opportunity for gaming on their platform, they are investing far less in this area than their rivals. I think it has already been left behind and others will traverse the metaverse before it does.